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The Sister Behind 'It's My Sister's'

The Sister Behind 'It's My Sister's'

Anyone who follows me on social media are probably thinking 'awk here we go, first video stories now this' you all know how boring I am, but this is happening anyway, and I was just as shocked by the sound of my voice as you were LOL.  



Since I was in school my dream was always to open a clothing store (you can imagine my face when Jane Norman basically stole my name) now here I am on the run up to my own stores 1st birthday and I can’t believe I wasn't doing this sooner. 

I have one sister named Sara and she steals everything I own, and I mean EVERYTHING, she would go into my room, have a look around and then casually ask do I have something - she knows I have it, she just saw it in my room!


For my hen party my 3 bridesmaids and I went to Spain, on our way out one night I bought a bag from a street stall and asked Sara to carry it for the night (rather than having to go back to the hotel) we had a full blown screaming match in the street because and I quote "I put everything into your bag so I didn't have to carry one" haven't seen the bag since, it’s never off her back!

Naturally my shop name was born from a life with Sara, when someone asks Sara where she gets her outfits (or handbags) from she always replies, “It’s My Sister’s”.  


She's not all bad though, I couldn't have opened the shop without her help, since we are like chalk and cheese it is great to get her thoughts on new arrivals. She described herself as my evil twin in this picture LOL, but we really do have 2 totally different styles and it’s amazing to bring that across in-store. 

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"Life is better with sisters" 

Jane xxx